about shankari

sacred herbalist, plant guide & teacher

Shankari, plant guide and sacred herbalism teacher

Hello Wild Lover.  I welcome you to our gathering community. 

I’m an educator, folk herbalist, energy worker and facilitator who is blessed to live in a tiny cabin in a mystical redwood grove in Big Sur, California.  In 2013 I created Wildcrafted Love, an offering of teachings and handmade herbal self-care products. 

I’ve studied with a broad range of teachers in several countries, in modalities ranging from herbalism, qi gong, shamanism, yoga, soul lightning acupressure, Gestalt process work, technology, and the arts.  I hold a B.A. in English, Creative Writing from the University of Texas at Austin, a 100-hour certificate in Gestalt Facilitation from the Esalen Institute, and a Community Herbalist certificate from The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine.

From my childhood in Michigan foraging raspberries and running free in the forest, to my Michoacán Mexican heritage of curanderas (traditional native healers), I’ve lived a spiritual life linked closely with nature and our place in it.  We are of the earth, and with a little intention and attention, we can remember our wholeness.