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Shankari is a healer of rare gifts, and an effortless translator of nature’s grace and abundance. I think of her as a magical bridge between human beings and plants — as someone who can speak both languages fluently. Beyond all that, she is simply a delight to spend time with. She’s one of my favorite people on the planet, and someone who has changed the course and direction of my life more than I can say.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat Pray Love, Big Magic and City of Girls

your plant guide and sacred herbalist

Herbs, flowers, trees and plants all hold special powers to heal us. Each of us has the ability to commune with plants and find a deeper connection to ourselves.

My calling is to help you find that connection through classes, workshops, lectures and retreats. Join me as I guide you into the wilderness of your deepest self.

Welcome, Wild Lovers.

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Join Shankari and explore the beauty of plants and their ability to help you feel grounded, uplifted, enchanted and whole. Through gardens, paths and groves, you’ll engage your senses, find presence and enjoy the simplicity and gift of nature.

about Shankari

A perpetual student, Shankari has studied in various traditions and modalities from qi gong to Gestalt, and uses her multidisciplinary spiritual knowledge to inform her nature walks and herbalism classes.


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Plant guide and sacred herbalist Shankari in the Esalen Buddha Garden

Shankari has over ten years of experience as a teacher, facilitator and herbalist. Book her for a lecture, workshop or retreat.

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from class participants

I loved sipping flower nectar, listening to Shankari’s beautiful voice reading nature-inspired poetry in the garden, as the waves crashed into the cliffs below. She is magical!”
— Kari Bernardi, Director of Living Light Culinary Institute
As a personal chef I am still appreciating what I learned from Shankari. Now that I know the flavor profiles of different edible flowers, my salads will never be the same.
— Kate Myer, Personal Chef and Event Curator

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